Tourist Visa Requirements:
1. Origional Passport Should be Valid Minimum Seven Months
2. Covering Letter
3. 3 recent photographs (4 x 6 cm)
4. Bank Statement of the last 6 months "Minimum balance required 150,000 per person" + Account maintain Certificate with phone Number & bank stamp
If the passengers are providing the bank statement of the company, they should
provide a certificate from the bank that it is the signing authority.
5. Original Ticket
6. Copy of Passport
7. Copy of CNIC
8. Copy of “ B” form-Nadra-computerized (incase of accompanying children)

Now Thai Consulate is issuing the Transit Visa only for Seven (5) Days. If you are
staying in Thailand for less than 5 days, the Transit Visa will be granted, if it is more
than 5 days, Tourist Visa will be granted even if you traveling onward.

Processing time: 7 working days


1. Present Home Address & Telephone No.
2. Email Address

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