Visit Visa Requirements

  1. 1 (one) copy of Covering Letter (Individual or Institution - typed written).
  2. 1 (one) Visa Application Forms.
  3. 2 (two) recent photographs of applicant (passport size/white background).
  4. Original & photocopy of Pakistan National Identity Card (CNIC) (A4 size).
  5. Original passport & photocopy of passport (A4 size) validity of passport must be more than 6 (six) months during time of travel.
  6. Original & photocopies of confirmed airline tickets.
  7. Original copy of Bank statement/s for the last six (6) months (minimum Rs. 100,000) sufficient funds to cover expenses of individual or group travel (must be verified/certified by the issuing bank).
  8. Invitation letter from Malaysian sponsor is required for business visit or attending conference.
  9. Confirmed return airlines ticket for the propose travel.
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